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Professional Voice Talent Services

My voice won't be a good fit with every project. If you need a soothing lullaby voice, or a voice to sell a collection of children's bedtime stories, you can find others. Count on me, though, for topics that require you to inspire trust in your audience. I have a distinct hard-news edge that is pervasive in everything I do. This tone is ideally suited to:
  • New product introductions
  • Health Care
  • On Hold Messaging, VOIP Services
  • Financial
  • Technology products and services
  • Television/Radio News Production/Promos/Program Introductions
  • Instructional Recordings
  • Convention announcements, narrations etc.

    Here's a breakdown of some of the Professional Voice Talent services you can expect:

    Commercial Radio & TV

    Let me be your one stop for all yor voice over needs: program intro's, daily topicals, station ID's etc. I provide the voiceover for your local or in-house ad agency to jazz up with music, pictures etc.


    Skilled in industrial, commercial and presentation narrations, particularly medical narrations (with lots of those hard words,) I?ll get your message across whether to the public at large, or those in a particular profession.


    Need a narration for your PowerPoint or flash presentation? Got a big sales presentation video or perhaps a sales piece you?ll be distributing to your field corps on CD and need it voiced? No problem. Again, I voice it, your production company or in house service puts it all together and copies the CD?s you?ll need.

    On-Hold Messaging

    Give your business that professional sound. I?ll help turn your phone system voice prompts into clear and concise directions, with a professional sounding greeting that will tell your customers you mean business! Then, if they have to be placed on hold, we?ll conspire to further inform them of your company?s greatness through four or six short on hold messages that further sell your product or services.

    NOTE: Many Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP systems accept on hold messages. Sometimes, you don't need any new equipment, just the message produced. Don't miss this opportunity to sell your business!!!


    HAVING TROUBLE WRITING YOUR MESSAGE? In all cases, I will provide script review and editing services if you wish as part of your purchase. For more than 3 decades I?ve been writing and presenting news, maintaining top ratings. That means I?ve been communicating effectively with my viewers and listeners through what I say, how I say it and what I write. Let me put those skills to work for you!!!

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